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Embrace Nature’s Beauty, Naturally



Salonxt, a homegrown brand catering to salons, is a testament to the beauty of nature's gifts. Committed to providing skin care and haircare products with natural ingredients, free from any preservatives, Salonxt is dedicated to enhancing beauty without compromising on wellness. This case study encapsulates our journey with Salonxt, where we collaborated to craft a captivating brand identity, logo, and packaging designs that celebrate the essence of nature's purity.

Our Contributions

Unveiling Nature’s Beauty In our partnership with Salonxt, we embraced the brand’s vision to create a harmonious fusion of nature and beauty. Our team crafted a tagline that encapsulated the essence of natural ingredients, resonating with salon professionals and their clientele alike. With meticulous attention to detail, we designed a captivating brand identity, complete with a versatile logo and its variations. The logo reflects Salonxt’s commitment to purity and serves as a visual ambassador of the brand’s values. Our creativity also extended to packaging designs, where we transformed each product into an exquisite representation of nature’s bountiful goodness, capturing the hearts of consumers.